From Shattered to Indestructible

Tonight, I’d like to feel my emotions

The intensity, the depth and in absolute proportion

Tonight, i want to perceive me

My mind, my heart and the fire which was forced to flee

You see, I’ve often been used

The comments passed on me were excessively lewd

‘Here, i give you my heart’ were the words I uttered a lot

But you see, the ardour in my claim was ignored in flot.

I fell in love with this guy once

Little did i know

I was no more to him than a mere bunce

Quite indecisively, i let him break me piece by piece

I lost the passion in my soul the day his hands on me started feeling like a leash

Effortlessly, he held me as if it was obligatory

My dissent somehow wasn’t as strong as his bigotry

That was the day i lost myself in all sorts

On love, that day, my belief i did abort.

You see, i was a girl who brimmed with confidence

But now, I’m merely reduced to a floret inside a fence

Ample time i took for myself to reach out


I was taken aback by being called a seeker for clout

Indifference towards my body crept onto me

Just like the blood on my wrist I allowed to flow free

As i began to lose my ambition

My life halted and began to appear like a fiction.

Soundless screams my heart used to bear

As the little war i was fighting inside of me tore me down to tears

It took me a while to gaze myself in a mirror

As the solidity in me was lessened down to fear

I was no longer a conformist you see

I was different, my physique carved with cuts appeared to be artsy

For the first time I didn’t want to be unique

As this uniqueness left me incomplete

I sobbed, I grunted and i howled

I begged for myself to recuperate as I growled

Tonight, after ages, i bid to become strong

Tonight, after the suffering, i decided to undo the wrong

Tonight, I won’t let myself lose the war

Tonight, I’ll get back to being the girl that I adored

Tonight, I’ll let the monochromatic light let go

Tonight, I’ll let the lively hues concealed in me to flow

Tonight, I’ll belong to myself and no other

Tonight, I’ll become ferocious and cease the sorrow to go further

Tonight, you will witness my transformation into a lioness

Tonight, you’ll know that there’s much more to me beyond my kindness.

– Nishka Sharma